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Shri.Pradip Kumar Amat, finance minister of Odisha presented the State budget on 16th February, 2015. The total expenditure proposed in the budget is Rs.84487.77 Crores.

The Budget is pronounced in two parts. One is Agricultural budget and the other is General Budget Proposals.

The budget estimates a Non plan expenditure of Rs. 43956.32 Crores.

The agricultural budget was enhanced to Rs. 10903.62 Crores. This includes corpus funding for seeds, fertilizers, Horticultures, Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana, etc.

Fisheries and Animal Resources Development Department, Co-operation Department, Water Resources Department were also funded through this budget for their development in the year 2015-16.

There were no remarkable changes in any tax rates including VAT.

The revenue estimates are allocated to various Departments including the School and Mass Education Department (Rs. 9979.49 Crores) Panchayati Raj Department (Rs. 7057.10 Crores) and Rural Development Department (Rs. 5974.97 Crores) which are funded at a greater rate for the welfare of the State.

Click to view Orissa Finance Minister's Agriculture Budget Speech 2015-16

Click to view Orissa Finance Minister's General Budget Speech 2015-16





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