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VAT Notifications - Assam
Notification No: FTX.71/2014/93 Date: 03/07/2015
  Effective from:
non entitlement of input tax credit who purchases goods Mfd, by industrial unit under Assam Industries (Tax Exemption) Scheme
Notification No: LGL.6/2003/112 Date: 17/06/2015
  Effective from:
Amends section 10,14 and First, Second, Third and Fourth schedules
Notification No: FTX.29/2003/Pt-I/25 Date: 02/06/2015
  Effective from:
Amendment of Form 13
Notification No: LGL.6/2003/108 Date: 06/02/2015
  Effective from:
Amends Section 75 and 77
Notification No: FTX-128/2005/106 Date: 06/06/2014
  Effective from:
Notification No: FTX.55/2005/Pt/197 Date: 12/09/2013
  Effective from:
Enhance Rate of Tax from 13.5 % to 14.5 %
Notification No: FTX.128/2005/Pt/92 Date: 25/06/2013
  Effective from:
Composition Scheme for Brick dealers.
Notification No: FTX.128/2005/Pt/83 Date: 25/06/2013
  Effective from:
Regarding Composition Tax payable by a delaer of the State serving or selling of sweet meat, snacks, cooked food, milk and non-alcoholic beverages in the State.
Notification No: FTX.128/2005/Pt/64 Date: 25/06/2013
  Effective from:
Composition Scheme for Marble dealers.
Notification No: FTX.128/2005/Pt/54 Date: 25/06/2013
  Effective from:
vary limit of taxable quantum.
Notification No: FTX.128/2005/Pt/51 Date: 25/06/2013
  Effective from:
Amends First, Second and Fourth Schedule.
Notification No: FTX.55/2005/82 Date: 02/03/2013
  Effective from:
Exemption for Small and Medium scale bamboo based industries
Notification No: FTX.55/2005/Pt/193 Date: 02/03/2013
  Effective from:
Amends schedule II Part A


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